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Stop Pro-Ana. Please

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Ugh... Nov. 13th, 2004 @ 12:06 pm
I'm I the only one who sees this petition thing as the wrong way of doing things? Yes, I am anorexic, and no I've never been to any of th sites. I know before my sister was hospitalized for her anorexia she visited a few of the sites to look at "thinspiration" and talk about what foods were "safe". Yes, it's extremely sad. For a lot of these girls (and guys too, though statistically speaking is it less common) it's also a way to meet friends and have someone to contact when they're feeling desperate. Not just in terms of eating.... when there's a problem with families or friends... It gives them someone to talk to & trust. If you talk to a few you'll probably find most of them actually are supportive of getting help, they just don't feel like they deserve it. Kicking them out will only give them new reasons to punish themselves, and I dare say that if they have enough determination to literally starve themselves to death they'll just find a new place for support. Even worse, spend the already extremely lonely times even more isolated.

And do you really think these sites are what's making them sick? The average person doesn't just go ona pro-ana site and look at the pictures and think "oh, I'm fat". Usually it's more like "what concentration camp were they at?". Eating disorders aren't caused by a few pictures. Yes, people trying to recover will find them etremely triggery. But really... why be there in the first place if you know it's something that will tempt you?

I don't know... I'm not against trying to help, I'm just saying you guys are going about it all wrong.
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Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 09:46 pm
Hi there... I forget how I came across this journal, but I really like it. I think trying to stop pro-ana is awesome and I support it in every way. Although I have never been anorexic, I have been battling bulimia for the past 12 years. I am proud to say that I am almost in recovery - on Friday it will be 250 days since I've last thrown up! Just wanted to post and say hello and let you know that I 100% support what you're doing!

Aug. 8th, 2004 @ 10:18 pm
Hello. I am anorexic and I do visit sites but I am not anti-recovery. I just wanted to tell everyone here that people who are pro-ana KNOW that anorexia KILLS. WE KNOW. And we don't really give a shit because we will do WHATEVER IT TAKES. Honestly I think it's great that you guys want people to recover but every anorexic eventually either recovers or dies. You need to let each person choose their own path by themselves.

You think that you can stop pro-ana but no matter what it will always pull ahead. It's not something you can exterminate although I do give you props for trying. Perhaps you should interview some anoretics before assuming you understand how their minds work.

If you're going to leave a nasty comment than good for you.

Aug. 1st, 2004 @ 11:29 am
I am in the planning stages of a zine that will be anti-ana, pro-recovery. It needs to be made. The pro-ana voice is much louder than ours at the moment, but we can do what we can, right?

This is not going to be a hate-fest. It's something I need to do so I can feel better about the whole situation.
I want to focus on exposing the pro-ana society, for whatever it is. I want to find some answers in doing this zine, and some peace of mind knowing I have done what I can.
I want this zine to be helpful to any young girl that should pick it up. I want it to focus broadly on not only debunking the 'glamour' of the ana society, but also on self-acceptance.

This will be a place where the angry and saddened can get it out of their systems intelligently and passionately and constructively.

Anyone interesting in submitting should send anything to me at antibelle_zine@yahoo.com

I will be accepting: art, poems, rants, reviews of media(books movies music comics ect), essays, articles, reccomendations, letters, journal entries, personal acounts, ect. Send me whatever you have.

No pro-ana content will be allowed. This is not a "both sides of the spectrum" zine. There are a million places out there for the pro-ana crowd, as much as they love to say they are forced into hiding and secrecy. This zine is for my voice, and yours if you want.

If I get no submissions, I will still be making the zine. Anyone interested in a copy when it is done should email me at antibelle_zine@yahoo.com.

thank you for reading.


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Jul. 25th, 2004 @ 03:42 pm
I have an eating disorder and am a member of several pro ana and pro ed communities. I would just like to point out that none of the people on these communities encourage someone to develop an eating disorder but instead offer support to those that already have one. It's nice to have a place to go to talk to people who suffer with the same issues and to have people understand me for once. What do you hope to achieve by stopping pro ana? It's not going to miracuosly cure us all. I know for one, that without the support I have recieved from certain members of pro ana websites that I probably would have commited suicide a long time ago.

You will never stop the pro ana movement. We will always be able to keep in contact, whether it's through forums, through e-mail, through chats on instant messengers. I've noticed that some people are curious to why we are so secretive about the pro ana websites? The obvious reason is that we don't want the sites, the only places where we can get support from and feel like we belong, to be shut down.
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I saw an ad for this in one of mka communities, and i thought i should post.

I was part of a few pro ana communities. Now, i am part of an ed community that helps you recover and such.

Sadly, ana is a lifestyle. I chose to be that way, and so did many of my friends. Most of the pro ana communities are there to support people with ana and give them tips and such, because its hard to stop being ana, so we help each other reach out goals instead of saying "STOP YOU STUPID WHORE".

All EDs are a lifestyle. Diets are a lifestyle. They may not be the best choice, but what people with eds need is support. people bashing them isn't good. Thats why we have our pro-ana communities, for support.

I am not trying to bash you guys, either. i don't have anything against this community. i hope you understand where i am coming from.

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some one wrote this in the guest book of some petition to stop pro ana. wut do u think? what would u say to her??

Let me tell a little story. I'm almost 16. I've suffered from anorexia and bulimia since I was 11.
I don't want to go into the grusome details, but it's enough to say that I've been thin enough to be considered emaciated, and I've been clinically overweight, as a result of my disorder. I have done countless stupid, painful, harmful things - all to "stay thin".
At one point a few years back, I had had enough. I could not do it any more; I had no friends, my family was oblivious to my problems, and no one could possibly understand how I felt, what I did on a daily basis.
I decided to commit suicide on my 12th birthday. Needless to say, I did not succeed, as I'm sitting here typing this up today. But most hurtful of all, no one seemed to even notice. My overdose was thought to be a stomach virus by my mother.
Heartbroken and, apparently, a complete failure, I decided I needed to find someone. Anyone. So I turned to the magic machine - the internet - and began to search.
Thus I stumbled upon the pro-ana world. For the first time I could remember, I had people who understood me, who I could talk to about anything - my eating habits or anything under the sun. I had friends.

Kabe -- continued:
At the moment, I participate on one website and one chatroom which would fall under the "pro-ana" heading. I desperately fear them being shut down for something they do not deserve. They do not hold competitions, they do not over tips. They are communities in which we console each other, support each other, and tell each other, when needed, to get up off the couch, eat a banana, and call a doctor, now, before you die. My friends - for they are truly friends to me - have saved me from myself many a time.
I guess what I'm trying to say is to carefully look at what you're trying to abolish. I agree with you about a lot of pro-ana sites. The majority of them are hurtful and do no good. But out there in the grand scheme of things, there ARE sites who try and be a support net, who do not encourage eating disorders.
I know I've rambled on a lot, but thanks for reading this. I support some of what you say, but I have to warn against the umbrella covering - there is some good amongst the rotten apples.
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hi, i'm new to the community and wanted to introduce myself. my name's anne, i'm 14 years old, and i used to be anorexic. even now, i still struggle with body image and food issues, even though i'm "cured." i did a search under lj interests for anorexia, and i couldn't believe all the communities that support eating disorders. it's sickening. i only wish that they could understand the pain and torture of having an eating disorder.
» New Pro Community - More Extreme

Seems to be outcasts from pro-ana, and don't appear to have any amount of restraint. Now, it's only just started, but it's sickening already.

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» Harmful?
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One argument that many pro-anas use to defend the content of the sites and forums is that the information therein isn't harmful to ANYONE. They claim it's not harmful to pro-anas because it's what they CHOOSE to do, and they claim it's not harmful to non-ED sufferers because they can't possibly find any of the content triggering.


For starters, what about considering the ED sufferer who is NOT pro-ED, and may be struggling to recover? How are they going to react when faced with all the pro-ED propaganda on the pro sites? How do you expect them to deal with the message that emaciated is the only way to go?

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